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mHealth App Advisors

Point of Care

Assessment and deployment of biometric, physiologic and telemetric monitoring devices

Digital Strategy

Review and development of your mHealth software and hardware roadmap.

Security Testing

Penetration and ethical hacking of mobile devices running the mobile health applications.

Development Guidance

Medical expertise and content review of the mobile applications before, during and after development and deployment.

Resource Matching

Broker and advisory services to match you with the right development team.

Cross Platform Evaluation

Mobile health application interoperability and cross platform evaluation. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Compliance audits

FDA, HIPAA, HITECH and similar compliance reviews and assistance.


Prototype and Proof of Concept Planning for  mHealth Applications for individual and Population Health projects.


Uwe Goehlert, MD, MPH, MBA

Uwe Heiss, MSc ETH Zurich

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